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About Me


I am wonderfully lucky to be able to work in my dream job and to be able to fully contribute my joy, my interest and my talents here. I am very grateful for that and look forward to working with you. 

As a self-employed, spiritual woman and mother of 2 children, living in a multicultural blended family spread across several countries, I have experience in all the associated areas of life and challenges.

I always bring the feeling of being embedded in the big picture and a principle that carries me in the background as an attitude to life into my work.
Perspectives that can be experienced with the senses are very important to me - we not only reflect on a mental level, but also on the image and body level, in order to enable you to have a holistic experience. This may not be possible in its entirety in every single unit, but it runs through our entire work as a large arc.

Think trainings have led me to the following degrees:  

  • ​painting and design therapist - based on depth psychology, psychodynamics and process-oriented based on the ideas and human image of CG Jung and Arnold Mindell

  • Life and social counselor

  • systemic - art therapy supervisor

  • systemic NLP - Resonance Coach and Practitioner

  • Child and youth coach

  • adult educator

  • creative trainer

Since my work is my passion, I am in constant training and our joint work naturally benefits from this:

  • systemic constellations

  • Process Oriented Psychology

  • dreamwork

  • symbol work

  • The Ketabi Method

  • psychic meridians

  • EFT

  • Color, aroma and sound therapy

  • breema

  • Body and Breath Therapy

  • fairy tale work

  • theater pedagogy

Next to mine great interest in self-development and the inner cosmos, I also like ours planet and its creatures at heart and I try to do what I can for them. That's why I support the NGOs Greenpeace, avaaz, Amnesty International, WWF, campact, WeMove.EU, SumOfUs, Rettet den Regenwald eV, Pate and a few others.

In order to make my contribution here as well, flow
10% of my earnings to these organizations and as Employee and/or honorary member of these NGOs you will receive one from me special rate as a thank you for your much needed commitment to the good of all. 
Anker Ermässigung


women-specific issues


female primal force

free creative expression

personal development






stress management


Burnout - prophylaxis

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