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All my training and experiences are integrated in my work - art therapy, painting and creative therapy, as well as a systemic, process-oriented, and resonance-centered aproach with NLP and process-oriented psychology.

What they all have in common is that we can connect with the rich treasures of your subconscious. In various ways we find individual new solutions from there, in line with the creative principle and as the creators of our own lives.

Creative methods, working with the body, and even with dreams expand our possibilities. Relaxation exercises, breath therapy, energy exercises can be incorporated, as well as elements of body therapy, sounds, and essential oils, in order to reach new perspectives that can be sensually experienced.

The overall experience, starting situations as well as solutions, are not only understood cognitively, in the mind, but also through the imagery level and the bodily level, creating a holistic experience.


  • Personal development, self-exploration, and self-realization

  • Resource awareness and activation

  • Vision quest

  • Finding meaning and purpose

  • Free creative expression

  • Crisis, blocks, and fears

  • Deceleration and detoxification

  • Stress reduction and burnout prevention

  • Women-specific topics:

Working with women-specific topics means to me not only working from woman to woman but also supporting the feminine principle in women and men in our world. We pay special attention to the developmental tasks specific to women that we have to navigate throughout our lives, considering the societal and cultural structures and their impact.

These are some topics that can be addressed:

  • Female identity and life stages

  • Feminine primal power

  • Boundaries and self-differentiation

  • Body image, body experience, beauty, and shame

  • Self-worth and self-love

  • Female aggression, competition, and rivalry

  • Issues related to achievement and power

  • Mother role - Daughter role

  • Work-family-life balance

  • Love, partnership, and family

  • Entrepreneurship and women as solo entrepreneurs


Our soul speaks to us in images; by creating an image, we can communicate with our deepest self.


In some situations, a counselling conversation with a neutral person can be helpful...


Working in a goal-oriented and solution-focused manner in the work context to give relief and develop yourself.


The current schedule for all seminars place, live and online.

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