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Psychological Counselling

Possible topics include:

  • Personality Counseling

  • Self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love

  • Desire for change and further development

  • Upheaval, departure or conclusion phases

  • Crises

  • Relationships, partnership and family

  • Stress and burnout/boreout

  • Health

  • Separation or bereavement situations

  • Grief

  • Professional context



usually 90 minutes

it's your choice:
in practice in Klosterneuburg
walk and talk or online via zoom
€ 90,- / for discounts please click 

In psychological/psychosocial counselling are the difficulties of your everyday life, which can affect any mentally healthy person, at the center of our collaborative work.

We live in challenging times characterized by information overload, global crises, and constant change. This already poses a fundamental burden for many of us. Additional problems often contribute to faster onset of overwhelm and crises – things that were once routine become unbearable more quickly. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, finding our way back to ourselves is difficult.

When we are doing well, it is usually easy for us to feel connected and empowered.

However, during challenging times, it becomes difficult for us to overcome our fears, boundaries, and states of suffering to reach what is supportive and healing.

Sometimes, our personal relations may be overwhelmed by our problems or unable to respond neutrally to our questions, doubts, or fears.

In such cases, a conversation with especially a professional, neutral outsider can be very helpful.

Examining the topic or concern together can create new perspectives and lead to solutions. You don't have to handle everything alone – I am happy to assist. This can also foster a sense of comfort and support.

Your uniqueness and individual situation are just as important to me as your needs and rights.

This means that I not only accompany you in exploring positive possibilities for change regarding your own perspectives, attitudes, desires, and longings, but also provide information about resources and support to activate practical solutions.

In counselling settings, I also enjoy working with the unconscious wealth of all your senses, dreams, body, and inner images.

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