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Art Therapy

​Topics can be: ​​

  • Self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love

  • Questioning, clarifying, and developing personal relationships externally and internally

  • Exploring personal values

  • Breaking behavioral patterns

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Navigating through crises

  • Discovering and utilizing personal abilities and talents

  • Working through challenging experiences

  • Changing life situations, separation, illness, or loss

  • Accessing inner resources

  • Existential crises

  • Psychosomatics

  • Stress reduction

  • Creative expression

  • When words fail - a picture speaks a thousand words

  • Professional context



normally 90 minutes

your choice:
in my studio in Klosterneuburg,
walk&talk or online via zoom

€ 90,- / for discounts please click here 

Art therapy includes the artistic means of music, poetry, writing, moulding, painting and drawing. Emotions, experiences, longings and visions are reflected in our creations and so these represent our inner and outer images.

It's not about creating a "work of art", but about gaining access to your own inner world. The picture or the sculpture becomes a mirror of your soul.

​Inner images affect our psyche, influence our behavior and are therefore therapeutically effective.

In art therapy we can use this and become aware of inner processes that we may not be aware of or that we have repressed. ​

The painting and design therapy, to which I dedicate myself in particular, is a psychodynamic therapy method, which draws on depth psychological and systemic approaches and is C.G. Jung oriented.

This concept of man says that we have a deep longing for development. Our soul, our unconscious, has the desire to be recognized and to be lived.

Inner images, synchronicity, symptoms, symbols and dreams represent the language of your unconscious through which it tries to get in touch with you. Through the artistic media, especially painting and sculpturing, you can experience this content and come into contact with the messages from within your own depths.


Mental self-regulation processes and thus self-healing processes are set in motion and resources are activated.

Step by step you embark on a path to a more fulfilling, more successful life.

Step by step you become more and more who you really are and feel a deeper meaning in your life. ​


We work with a wide variety of materials, such as gouache paints, Oil or pastel crayons, colored pencils, wire, clay, flashcards or cards and techniques such as collages, painting, drawing, wet on wet, energy sketches, sculptural forms or resonance images.


Furthermore, we include different helpful levels, such as the body,

active and guided imaginations, fairy tales, meditations, relaxation exercises,

visualizations, impulses through texts and more. ​

It is important for you to know that this does not require any artistic or other

previous knowledge or skills - simply your willingness to embark on a journey to yourself is what you need.

Kunsttherapie hilft tiefgreifend
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