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malen Wolke


We can only really recharge our batteries when we take time for ourselves and have space for ourselves

Only then we come in contact with a nourishing, fulfilling power, which we have sometimes already forgotten - not with the targeted and martial force that we are often familiar with from everyday life, but with the primal feminine power inherent in us.


Together we will explore different possibilities and techniques that lead us to this power, so that everyone can find their strongest path that suits them.


We discover and connect with our inner sources of power. Access to these sources leaves us women remain calm and relaxed in difficult situations and if we visit this place regularly, we can recharge our batteries at any time.


We work with methods and on topics that speak to our soul and us get back in flow permit. We will paint and design to get back in touch with our very own creativity, which nourishes us and leads even more to ourselves. 

(It is important that no prior knowledge or artistic feats are necessary!)


We can rediscover hidden abilities that are less lived and ours innate creativity becomes revived through creative design. We find more lightness, freedom, enjoyment and security with others and also with ourselves.


Anyone can indulge in exploring their WomenURKRAFT turn and see what issues the soul will raise or come up with specific concerns and we will devote ourselves to solving them.


At the center of our encounters is one nurturing atmosphere, self-care and our alignment with our resources.


next meetings:



With this in mind, let's meet from October to December 2023
Registrations are possible
the exact dates will be announced later

Practice - 3400 Klosterneuburg, Martinstrasse 133

Euro 185,- for 5 mornings or evenings of 3 hours

There will be drinks and something to snack on, you don't need to bring anything with you, I'll provide the materials.
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