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Systemic Art Therapy Supervision and Systemic NLP Resonance Coaching are job-related consultations, reflection and design processes which are based on goal and solution orientation.

With the approaches from Systemic Counselling, painting, design and Art Therapy, NLP  and the concept of Resonance (Dr. Gundl Kutschera), we work on topics from everyday professional life and finding new solutions and possibilities.

In psychosocial professions, this also means looking at mental hygiene, self-care and quality assurance.

This offer is aimed at people who want to reflect and change, improve their professional situation and fully utilize their resources and potentiaor who are facing professional challenges or stress. 

My wide range of qualifications as a systemic-analytical coach and systemic-art therapy supervisor in connection with my many years of professional experience in the field of tension between economy and social area offer an unusual practice-oriented approach to coaching, training and supervision.

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